Dino Parade

Game overview

Dino Parade is the first Tower-Defense-Based game that allows player to use a variety of common home appliances based towers and a unique super weapon to protect your house from hundreds of mad Dinosaurs.

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  • Play a game through 5 unique maps with 5 game difficulty’s level

  • Face and fight with 10+ dinosaur’s types in 150+ dinosaur’s waves

  • 10+ tower's types to buy, build and upgrade

  • 50+ achievements to unlock and 10+ items to buy in Mom's shop

Prepare yourself for more

Version 1.1: Add trial support and two new maps with a new super weapon

How to play

Build towers to protect your home from each dinosaur wave by dragging a tower from the build button at the bottom of the screen to the place where you want to build it. Gain the money by defeating each wave and use those $ for building and upgrading your towers.


  • Dino Parade works on any mobile devices that are operated with Windows Phone 7.