MonsterAttack Live Wallpaper

On the Android Market

Who is attacking ?

MonsterAttack is a premium live wallpaper that brings a giant monster to your mobile world. You can control a monster to attack the city using many skills while watching people running away.


  • Watch or control a monster to attack town and people with Laser, Thunder and Stomp

  • Crop your friend's photo and paste it on the monster

  • Pan the camera automatically when slides your home screen

  • Choose your favorite monster and daytime to see it in action

  • Designed for both portrait and landscape alignment

Prepare yourself for the next build

Version 1.3: New monster and new city will be available for you to choose from the setting menu.


  • MonsterAttack Live Wallpaper works on any Android 2.1 device that supports Live Wallpaper.


  1. Download and install "MonsterAttack" via android market

  2. Press the menu button at your home screen and select "Wallpaper".

  3. Choose "Live Wallpapers" option and set "MonsterAttack" as your wallpaper.

  4. Go to Live Wallpaper's configure page and customize the setting as you like.

(if you don't see Live Wallpaper as the option, it means that your phone still doesn't support the Live Wallpaper).

After selecting "MonsterAttack" as your wallpaper. You should see a city and a monster comes to your screen (Read the texts on the first screen to learn how to control a monster).