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Color Palettes From Photos

Create unique palettes from your camera or photo library.

Peppermint is built with speed in mind to ensure that wherever you are, you can grab your iPhone, capture your moment (in colors!) and share it with your friends from anywhere, at anytime.

Design Brilliant Color Schemes

Take the guess work out of choosing colors. Peppermint is here to help you.

With powerful digital color wheel, you can adjust the colors while maintaining the relationships of the classic color harmony you selected.

Natural Colour System®©

NCS - Natural Colour System®© is a logical colour notation system which builds on how humans see colour.

Now, you can have global colour language that work both in digital and physical world on your iPhone.

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Work with RGB and CMYK colors

Use Peppermint to identify color harmonies for the web (RGB) or print (CMYK).

You can also edit your colors using HEX code and convert colors to their nearest WebSafe or WebSmart palette match at your fingertip!

Smarter, Faster, Better.


Fast Color Matching

Featuring NameThatColor, which included color names from Wikipedia, Crayola, and, Color-Name Dictionaries like Resene. Double tap any color and Peppermint find the closest matching color for you.

Built with speed in mind. Peppermint uses a k-d tree, fast space-partitioning data structure, to organize the closest color matching search!

Stop watch

Optimized even more for iPhone 4

We test our app heavily on iPhone 4. And, nothing less than 60fps is acceptable.

We aim to deliver the best user experience to you. And yes, Peppermint runs blazing fast on iPhone 4, and even faster on later devices.


Color Conversion Engine 2.0

The fastest digital color wheel in the app store now 10x more accurate. All color conversions between RGB, CMYK, HSV and, LAB are all implemented from ground up to preserve the floating point precision. Result it the most beautiful Websafe, Websmart color wheel you will ever see.

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